My Journey through depression. Men’s health. It’s ok not to be ok!

Wednesday 23rd May.

Had a ok nights sleep with the sleeping pill got up at 6 as Barney needed a wee so I stayed downstairs and just lay on the couch feeling really tired.

Had breakfast with Julia and was wondering I’d I should go for a run or not, then I thought I could try a little jog as it is on my list of things to do today. Then I thought to myself stay in feeling depressed or go for a run and feel less depressed.

On the run I felt good almost straight away and before i knew it I had gone further than I planned so I just keeps going again and ended up doing my old run around a village called daisy hill to hindley green and back over the bridal way to the crematorium. Before I knew it I was nearly home and cometed my run with no idea how far I went and I did not care, it was just short of 6 miles but the main thing was I was ok not too tired, clear mind feeling ok.

Then I did my chores moved the lawn, washed up and sat outside in the sun for an hour eating my lunch and bathing my feet in a freezing cold bucket to cool me down. It felt nice, for the first time in a long time I sat for an hour did nothing and did not think about me I just soaked up the surroundings and relaxed. Something I am not good at I always need something like my phone to distract me but not today. Now having a chill with Barney inside waiting for the car company pick up my company car.

Car has gone and all my work gear has gone. Only one week to go till I can totally move on and focus solely on myself with no work there to drag me back.

Managed to go out with Julia and Barney for a walk was a warm one but we all enjoyed it and now my legs are tired so time to chill and watch a movie.