My Journey through depression men’s health it’s ok not to be ok!

Wednesday 4th July.

Woke up feeling ok and basically I have planned to do absolutely nothing today but let’s see what happens.

Well I had a relaxing morning and now having lunch and going out for a bit to the parents for a brew and to the shop. Got home and Barney was chilling out so I watched a shocking movie, the rating was half a star but that was being generous.

Had tea and nipped out then took Barney for a walk whilst it cooled down. Although now I feel super hot and a little anxious as my therapy is back on tomorrow and I know it helps me but as I’ve not been in a few weeks it’s just getting to me a bit today.

I have also realised I have been short tempered today for which I am sorry about as I have literally only just realised when I have thought back over the last few hours.


Author: Daniel Buck.

I am a genuine 32 year old man suffering with depression. I have a loving family around me and what was/is a wonderful life I just need to get back to the way I was. I am sharing my journey through depression in the hopes it helps other out there come to terms with their own issues and helps them understand it better and know they are not alone.

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